Welcome to SBMEN

Society for Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria is an educational and professional association that represents and supports editorial professionals such as editors, proofreaders, indexers and translators in the book and magazine industry. It is also extended to professionals interested in the written word who work within publications, broadcasting, digital media, legal services, communications, public relations and academia.

SBMEN aims to serve as a standards organisation to advance the profession of editing by developing editorial skills in editors that meet global standards and promoting professionalism and excellence in the industry by offering guidance in best practices. In addition, it will provide resources for continuous improvement, advisory services on work rates, access to events and a directory with job listings to advance the careers and businesses of members.

Who is an Editor?

Editors can be found in the different facets of traditional publishing: books, education and magazine.

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Who can Join SBMEN?

Anyone can join the SBMEN without a degree in Arts or Publishing, background in book and magazine publishing.

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Editorial Rates

Depending on an editor’s competence and skill, they can command fair to high rates.

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  • Belong to a strong community of professional book and magazine editors to learn, share knowledge, network and collaborate;

  • Receive training and mentorship to increase your competence and professionalism from accomplished professionals;

  • Enjoy discounted registration rates on training and networking events;

  • Attend our networking sessions and learn, collaborate and find opportunities;

  • Gain access to a retinue of quality resources for continuing professional development and a quarterly magazine;

  • Benefit from our growing job-listing directory and work with clients on projects;

  • Get recognition and recommendations from reputed book and magazine companies.